Thermal Waters - Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a method which uses Thermal Waters for conservative and human therapy. It is part of Physiotherapy using nature in medicine. Forms of Hydrotherapy include Balneotherapy, Posiotherapeia, Eispnefsotherapeia, Mud Cure, Mud Baths and Thalassotherapy. Their properties provide thermal, mechanical and physicochemical stimuli. The positive results appear in a few weeks after the end of the Spa Hydrotherapy Treatment as appropriate to the patient. This type of Adjunctive Therapy must only be followed with the full direction and instruction of our doctor about the type of Hydrotherapy to be our chosen depending on our condition and our mental repose. Treatment and Tranquility in an environment with all the comforts is perhaps the most appropriate cure or even prevention for our health, our most valuable asset.

Immediately1-3 Weeeks1-3 Months4-6 Months6-12 MonthsNot sure

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