Holidays plus IVF

The holiday season is an ideal opportunity to make an attempt at IVF. Or you can look at it the other way around; an attempt at IVF may be the opportunity for a wonderful holiday. Greece is a country with much practise and very good results in IVF. The legislative framework is more favourable than those applicable to other countries. Greece allows egg donation and preimplantation genetic testing of embryos for any hereditary diseases, which in Germany and Italy for example is prohibited. Many women who need foreign eggs to have children generally face problems due to limitations in the country's legislation. In many countries such as the USA or Australia, the cost of IVF treatment is extremely high, so that even if included in the cost of IVF are air tickets and accommodation, the solution of choosing Greece is extremely advantageous. "OceanisFilyra" organizes individual holidays in conjunction with IVF treatment where between visits to the gynaecologist, it is possible for those interested to visit the Greek islands and world famous monuments and attractions. Certainly the conditions are better on a beach or an island where the laxity of the holiday, away from the stress of everyday life where a couple can relax and really give themselves a chance to conceive in more favourable conditions for an effective IVF. Information about our programs and partners can be found by visiting oceanisfilyra.com

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