Our company "Oceanis Filyra" was founded in 2013 with the main objective of offering services in the field of Medical Tourism. We collaborate with large hospitals, wellbeing centers (spas) and aesthetic enhancement as well as other institutions in the Tourism sector.

The programs are organized individually, so as to take into account the needs, circumstances and preferences we chose in Greece for treatments, the solving of health issues, conducting preventive health checks or to obtain wellbeing.

Greece is one of the most popular Tourist destinations in the World. It is known for its monuments, its natural beauties, the sea and its culture. It also offers advanced facilities.

Those who prefer Greece for their holidays rarely see anything which is not directly related to the tourism industry. Services offered in the Health sector are unknown although they meet the highest standards, while the financial cost is comparatively very low, especially in recent years due to the financial crisis. There are Greek Doctors proficient and distinguished in their field, often celebrated and offering their services in every corner of the Earth. Very few know that Greece has excellent scientists, capable and skilled staff and a great tradition in offering services to the healthcare industry, which have been lost in the mists of history.

"Oceanis Filyra" organizes the meeting of Health and Tourism in the country that gave birth to Zeus and Asclepius, the patron gods of Hospitality and Medicine.

Medical Tourism

Health tourism refers to the health prevention, retention, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation with modern medical or natural methods. Medical tourism includes traditional medical tourism, traditional spa tourism (or thermal tourism) and wellness tourism. Traditional medical tourism is concerning with patients who decide to travel in order to receive specific medical services, motivated by factors such as the cost of the service, the quality and the opportunity to combine medical care with recreation. Thermal tourism aims to prevent, preserve and restore physical health, mental health and well-being with the use of natural healing resources. Wellness tourism combines vacations with prevention, retention or health improvement through total rejuvenation and relaxation programs in a physical, mental and emotional level.

Why Greece?

1. Safety. Greece is a safe and friendly country for tourists of all kinds. Greek health professionals are experienced, maintain high quality healthcare standards and possess the famous Grecian friendliness.
2. Surgeons’ Expertise & Professionalism. Greek surgeons are highly educated and extremely professional. Most have studied and worked in the USA and/or UK for a respectable time period and are European or American board certified.
3. Cost savings. Greece offers affordable treatments performed by well-trained experts using state of the art technology. Depending upon the procedure and your home country, you should expect to save at least 30%, not only after paying the doctor and hospital fees, but also your travel tickets, accommodation and vacation for yourself and your companion!
4. High success rates. In Vitro Fertilization is an ideal example of how Greece excels in specific treatment in terms of success rates. The innovative methods, state of the art equipment, and qualified andprofessional staff make Greece a highly rated country for treatment such as egg donation.
5. Available on time. Public healthcare may result in long delays and waiting lists, while private insurance does not always cover each condition and treatment. Greece offers any kind of treatment whenever you need it, safely and timely.
6. Hospitality. Greece is world renowned for its friendly, welcoming, happy residents. A medical tourist will not only enjoy Greece’s beautiful weather and scenery, but also a psychologically positive recovery in Greece.
7. Healing Climate. Sea, sun, sand, the golden trinity that will transform your treatment into a relaxing and memorable experience. The human body needs sun and a positive environment in order to recover from any kind of treatment. Medical tourists receive utmost care in a relaxing and exquisite environment. Does it get any better!
8. Lifetime experience. Although traveling abroad for medical reasons is a hard decision, it does not mean that it has to be a painful experience that you will want to quickly forget. Your medical procedure can be a positive, memorable experience.

Why Oceanis Filyra?

1. Expertise. We collaborate many years with private and public Greek healthcare providers offering services at affordable prices
2. Experience. We’ve been working with international patients for many years and we understand your needs, thus we know exactly how to make your trip a success.
3. Quality. All Oceanis Filyra healthcare providers hold all necessary certifications provided by the Greek Ministry of Health, national and international organizations.
4. Better Access. As a medical tourism facilitator company we get priority when booking hospitals, hotels and other facilities, so no unexpected waiting lists for our clients.
5. Full medical tourism plans. Besides the treatment services, we offer extra services including accommodation, transfer and tourism facilities.
6. No hidden costs. We give one price based on the required treatment, no unexpected expenses will be added.
7. Personalized services. As your medical tourism guide, we understand your needs and strive to be your valued and trusty partner. A signed agreement commits us to implement the treatment plan with professionalism and confidentiality.

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